Aldi “Good Different”



1. Not the same as another or each other

2. Distinct; separate.

Aldi Supermarkets have always been different. And that’s not a bad thing.

You may not realise, but Aldi has been operating in Australia for 17 years. Starting with just two stores in NSW (Bankstown and Marrickville), they now operate more than 500 stores nationwide and employ more than 11,500 Australians.

As you walk through the aisles of Aldi, the differences will become very apparent. You don’t need to choose between five different brands for every grocery item. Who’s got time for that anyway? Aldi have focused on providing us a consciously reduced, carefully selected range of products. Stores offer approximately 1,600 regular grocery items, and 80-120 Special Buys each week. Having a smaller product base means Aldi can continue to focus on the quality of their products and at the best possible price. Which brings us to the next difference. The prices. Aldi work hard to provide us with the highest quality products at the lowest prices – this is one difference I for one are very grateful for!

I was recently invited to attend the Aldi Discovery Night where the focus was on why Aldi is not just different, but ‘good different’. Set in the Gallery of The Commune in Waterloo, we were surrounded by images on the wall.

Aldi ‘good different’ event
Aldi CEO, Tom Daunt talks about why Aldi is ‘good different

These images represented 17 reasons why Aldi is good different. Read through the reasons below – I bet there is at least one that you were not aware of.

Off we all then went, to the local Waterloo Aldi store to have some Aldi style fun, which included wearing an official Aldi white coat. Definitely one of the highlights of the night right there!

Enjoying my official Aldi coat

As we heard about how Aldi rigorously test their products, we got to have a little taste test of something we may not have tried before. We discovered that the coconut yoghurt ice cream and the coconut rolls make an epic combination! Give it a go.

Challenge time! In teams, we had 10 minutes and $50 to shop for the ultimate platter. A cheese platter may have been the obvious choice, but we opted for a decadent dessert platter. And yes we won the challenge (Thanks Aldi!). Because our platter was ‘good different’!

Did we come in under budget? Yes! Just over $41
Platter progress
The winning platter!

We rounded up the night with the Aldi Wine Whisperer talking to us about how serious Aldi is about their alcohol. Their range is award winning, and often sold at a loss just to give their customers the opportunity to indulge in something special at a very affordable price.

The Aldi Wine Whisperer

For some more info on great Aldi wine choices you can read this article –’s-wine-whisperer-shares-his-top-drops-and-tre.

So yes, Aldi definitely is different, but it sure is good different.

Thanks for having me Aldi.

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